Cosmetic Dentistry

An adultís teeth are usually darker when compared to a childís teeth. This can be due to many reasons like, less porosity of the enamel, bacterial pigmentation, smoking or chewing tobacco and eating habits.

There are various methods of Tooth bleaching available like, Bleaching Strips, Bleaching Pens, Bleaching Gel, Laser Bleaching, Natural Bleaching etc.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Also known as Light Cure, this is a process by which a tooth coloured resin material is applied to the effected part of your tooth and is hardened by using a special light.

This bonds the material with the tooth thus improving the overall appearance of the teeth. This can especially be helpful in the case of broken teeth.


Cosmetic Dentistry

These are specially tailored extremely thin porcelain laminates used for filling gaps or hiding discoloured teeth.

These are shell like covers that fit over the front of the teeth and can be blended with your natural tooth colour.

Dental Fillings

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental fillings are used to treat cavities in your Teeth. For this first we will remove the decayed portion of the teeth and fill the gap with filling material.

The type of filling material can range from Gold, Amalgam, Composite, and Ceramic etc. Taking into account the exact location, the extent of decay and the cost of filling we will recommend you the right kind of filling for your tooth.

Teeth Re-shaping and Contouring

Cosmetic Dentistry

This technique will help you in reshaping and contouring chipped, broken, cracked or irregular teeth. This procedure hardly takes more than one sitting.

We will first assess your requirements and then do a few millimetres of tooth reduction and apply a few millimetres of tooth coloured laminate to create a beautiful smile of your dream.

Dental Jewellery

Cosmetic Dentistry

Using Dental Jewellery we can help you fix actual jewels like diamonds and other precious stones which are cost effective to enhance your smile.

Using tooth coloured enamels we can bond the preferred jewel on the tooth which will lie parallel to your tooth surface without damaging the tooth enamel or disturbing you.

So why donít you go ahead and add that twinkle to your smile.


Implant Dentistry

This procedure is also done under local anesthesia, involves reopening of the gum tissue over the implant and a metal post (abutment) that eventually holds your new tooth is attached to the implant.


Laser Dentistry

The dental laser used in this procedure uses a controlled, measured beam of light that can be targeted with pinpoint accuracy to remove only the decay and the damaged area of a tooth, without harming any adjacent vital tooth structure.

Cleaning & Scaling

Laser Dentistry

Scaling and root planing is a thorough dental cleaning of tooth root surfaces to remove plaque and tartar (calculus) from around teeth and periodontal pockets in the gums, and to smooth the teeth roots to remove bacterial toxins.

Root canals

Laser Dentistry

The laser penetrates deep into the porous tubules, removing bacteria without damaging the surrounding tissue.

While traditional root canal instruments only clean out the tooth's root, the laser actually sterilizes it, increasing your chances of a successful procedure.


Endodontics Dentistry

Root canal treatment, is performed to save a tooth when the pulp (which is made up of the nerves and blood vessels etc.), becomes infected or damaged.

This can be due to caries, injury, gum infection etc.


Endodontics Dentistry

The Apicoectomy or Root end resection is the removal of the root tip and the surrounding infected tissue of an infected or abscessed tooth.

After a few months, the bone around the root-end has healed, and all symptoms are gone.